Leila Bordreuil, a 30 year old white woman with medium-long brown hair is facing the camera and playing electronic instruments on a black table. To her right, there is a cello on the floor. She is on a stage with red LED lighting and fog. The main colors of the photo are blacks and reds.
Leila Bordreuil
Headshot of the artist with short dark hair wearing a blue shirt. Out of focus in the background is a row of concentric concrete archways and support beams.
Simon Liu
Film, Video and Digital Production
Headshot of Asian American woman with long hair and bangs, wearing black-rimmed glasses. She is wearing a black and white polka dot top.
Su Hwang
Headshot of the artist smiling in front of a bookshelf. She is wearing gold hoop earrings and a grey sweater.
Saymoukda Duangphouxay Vongsay
Prince Harvey stands wearing a black t-shirt with the image of a burning car on it. Masculine presenting, dark brown skin, a seductive look in the eyes. A shallow beard. Hair, box braided with blue flower barrettes and the tips. Hands clasped and held against chest.
Prince Harvey
Leslie, a Black femme dance artist dressed in black attire and wrapped in yellow silk fabric with back exposed.
Leslie Parker
Headshot of Modesto Flako Jimenez a 41 year old afro-latino male artist. He is looking up wearing a black dress shirt with white small boxes.
Modesto Jimenez
Hasabie, an image of the artist wearing a light green scarf and dark purple sweater. She is taking a walk in the forest with Eucalyptus trees in the background.
Hasabie Kidanu
Visual Arts
Joua, a 34 year old smiling Asian woman with blonde-orange hair with black roots, wearing glasses a bold teal shirt, in front of an olive background.
Joua Lee Grande
Film, Video, & Digital Production