Photo #1 - Tidtaya Sinutoke, a Thai female composer, headshot Photo #2 - Isabella Dawis, a Filipina-American female writer, headshot
Tidtaya Sinutoke & Isabella Dawis
New York City/Minnesota
Sam Kebede, a young fresh faced black man with a large black afro, smiles to camera in a headshot with a black henley shirt in an auburn-colored headshot space.
Sam Kebede
New York City
Lea Kalisch, a 28-year-old white woman wearing a Shtreimal (Jewish fur hat), a black coat over one shoulder and colorful jewelry.
Lea Kalisch
Tish Jones seated before a golden backdrop in a blue turtleneck and tan coat, smiling.
Tish Jones
A person against a brick wall in the sun.
Nazareth Hassan
New York City
Sxr OM Dxtchess-Davis, a nonbinary playwright, Black, Curly hair
Sxr Om Dxtchxss-Davis
Donte Collins, a 26 year old Black poet, standing in the middle of a Bike Path in the fall among shedding aspen trees, holding their glasses.
Donte Collins
Jeesun Choi, a thirty-something east Asian playwright, looks up toward the light smiling.
Jeesun Choi
New York City
A person standing in front of a projection of a toilet. They are white, 30-something, and wearing a black turtleneck.
Sarah Rothberg
New York City
Angeline Meitzler, a thirty-something Filipino American artist who is smiling at the camera.
Angeline Meitzler
New York City