Dameun Strange, The Cedar. Photo by Pat O'Loughlin.

Two-year grants to organizations to support ongoing programs, services and activities for early career artists in Minnesota and New York City.

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Benjamin Benne, Monkeybear's Harmolodic Workshop.

Benjamin Benne, Monkeybear's Harmolodic Workshop.

Arts Organization Grant Focus

Past arts organization grants supported a diverse range of programs across artistic disciplines, including:

  • artistic or career development and/or technical assistance
  • production programs, culminating in a full exhibition, publication, or production

The average grant size in the most recent round was $70,000 (divided over two years at $35,000 per year).

Arts Organization Grant Guidelines and Timeline

This program is currently scheduled for strategic review and is not open for application. An announcement of the continuation of this program and/or new initiatives will be announced after Fall 2022 but no later than Fall 2023.

In light of the COVID crisis,  the Foundation chose to extend the Organizational grants awarded in January 2020 rather than open a new round of applications. In the interim, the Foundation will be focused on consortium grantmaking priorities in order to extend the financial reach and impact of our funding.

Jen Shyu, In Seoul. Photo by Ryu Ijun.

Jen Shyu, In Seoul. Photo by Ryu Ijun.

Program History

Grants in this program were first awarded in 2018. Previously, organizations would apply to the Foundation through the General Program.

In 2016, the Foundation surveyed more than 600 artists and organizations to gauge the most urgent needs and priorities of the arts field. Four specific themes emerged:

  • the need for multi-year funding
  • the need for flexible support
  • the need to address long-term capacity development
  • the value of deadlines in planning

Additionally, having set deadlines allows the Foundation and its panelists to think of the grants roster as a cohort—one that aims to represent the diversity of the field.




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