The Lisps, Futurity, Soho Rep. Photo by Julieta Cervantes.

Board of Directors

The governance, management, and direction of the Jerome Foundation are vested in the Board of Directors, who approve all grants awarded by the Foundation and who are elected by the Members of the Jerome Corporation (see following section).

The Directors as a body bring first-hand knowledge of and passion for the work of early career/emerging artists. Directors most typically are working artists or arts administrators, complemented by individuals whose professional lives and expertise lie outside of the arts but who have been involved in the arts through Board or volunteer experiences at other organizations in the past. Directors may be elected for three three-year terms for a maximum of nine years of service.

Members of the Corporation

Members of the Corporation are charged with preserving the legacy of Jerome Hill and insuring that the charitable purposes of the Jerome Foundation are observed.

Members include both family relations and individuals without kinship who have been chosen because of their ties to the Hill family over time. Members may be elected for three five-year terms for a total of 15 years of service.