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Jan 27, 2021

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ST. PAUL, MN, January 27, 2021— The Jerome Foundation is pleased to announce the 2021 grant recipients in the second round of the Jerome Hill Artist Fellowships program. 60 Fellowships are being awarded (10 each in the disciplines of dance, film/new media, literature, music, theater/performance/spoken word, and visual arts) to early-career artists based in Minnesota and New York City, with 84 additional awards to finalists and alternates.

Two-year Fellowship awards total $3 million. Each award is $50,000 over two years ($25,000 per year) in direct support to artists to create new work, advance artistic goals and/or promote professional development.

Applicants applied either individually or jointly to share a single award as part of a sustained collaborative. Discipline-specific panels, composed of artists, curators, artistic leaders and arts administrators, reviewed a total of 820 applicants before identifying 144 as finalists for fuller discussion in advance of recommending a slate of Fellows to the Jerome Board of Directors for approval. In their deliberations, panels considered applicants’ samples of past works, additional past artistic accomplishments, the potential impact of a fellowship on their careers and their artistic field, their readiness to take maximum advantage of support and their alignment with Jerome’s values of innovation, diversity and humility. In reaching the final roster of Fellows, panels were charged with recommending to the Jerome Board a cohort that collectively captures the energy and diversity of their respective fields.

At their meeting on December 6, the Board unanimously and enthusiastically approved the recommended 27 Fellowships supporting 27 artists from Minnesota and 33 Fellowships supporting 35 artists (two 2-person collaboratives) for artists based in New York City.

“This year’s cohort represents an extraordinary social and aesthetic range, advancing their practices and engaging their community in exciting ways, even in these difficult and unprecedented times. It also exemplifies Jerome Foundation’s commitment to diversity and the diversity of artists across all disciplines with 85% of the Fellows identifying as Black, Native American, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian or Arab American or as Artists of Color. The work of all of these artists in binding our communities together and in stimulating our imagination has never been more important,” said Board Chair Linda Earle of New York City. Jerome Board members also include officers Kate Barr of Minneapolis (Vice-Chair), Daniel Alexander Jones of New York (Secretary), and Rick Scott of Minneapolis (Treasurer); Minnesota Directors Sarah Bellamy (St. Paul) and Sanjit Sethi (Minneapolis); New York City Directors Thomas Lax and Elizabeth Streb; and South Dakota Director Lori Pourier (Rapid City).

Fellows are also offered individualized professional development guidance through The MAP Fund of New York’s Scaffolding for Practicing Artists (SPA), designed to help artists individually and collectively consider, invent and co-devise solutions tailored to their specific practice and aesthetic ambitions.

Program Director, Eleanor Savage observed, “Fellows in the first round of this program told us how transformative this approach of direct support and individualized guidance can be.  By providing a sustained source of flexible funding over the course of two-years, in combination with this individualized professional development through The MAP Fund, Jerome Foundation hopes to offer artists the resources to be adaptive in their approaches to vibrant and sustainable careers.”

The Jerome Board also agreed to award one-time grants of $5,000 each to the 60 additional finalists and $7,500 each to the 24 additional finalist applicants designated by panels as “alternates” in the event that a recommended Fellow had been unable to accept the award. “Given the extraordinary promise of the applicant pool and the unprecedented challenges facing artists in this moment, the Foundation felt it was essential to expand the Fellows program with additional smaller grants to all the finalists that the panels had discussed at their meetings. All of us are deeply inspired by these artists and are honored to support them as they move forward.” said Jerome Foundation President Ben Cameron.

These additional smaller grants, totaling $480,000, bringing the total direct investment in individual artist to $3.48 million and the total program support, including the individualized professional development support, to more than $3.8 million.

Applications for the 2023–2024 Jerome Hill Artist Fellowships will open in early 2022.


The 2021-2023 Jerome Hill Artist Fellows are listed by discipline as follows:


Ephrat Asherie (New York City)

Vie Boheme (Minnesota)

J. Bouey (New York City)

DejaJoelle (Minnesota)

Fana Fraser (New York City)

Jerron Herman (New York City)

Herb Johnson III (Minnesota)

LeilAwa (Minnesota)

Jordan Demetrius Lloyd (New York City)

Taja Will (Minnesota)


Catina Bacote (New York City)

Lexie Bean (New York City)

Ama Codjoe (New York City)

Carson Faust (Minnesota)

Sherrie Fernandez-Williams (Minnesota)

Susanna Horng (New York City)

Junauda Petrus (Minnesota)

Michael Prior (Minnesota)

Peggy Robles- Alvarado (New York City)

Michael Torres (Minnesota)


Daniel Chew and Micaela Durand (New York City)

Lyle Mitchell Corbine, Jr. (Minnesota)

Cy Dodson (Minnesota)

Joua Lee Grande (Minnesota)

Madeleine Hunt - Ehrlich (New York City)

Benjamin May (Minnesota)

LaJuné McMillian (New York City)

Stefani Saintonge (New York City)

Anna Samo (New York City)

Lily Jue Sheng (New York City)


Jay Afrisando (Minnesota)

Kashimana Ahua (Minnesota)

Leila Bordreuil (New York City)

Layale Chaker (New York City)

PaviElle French (Minnesota)

Eric Frye (Minnesota)

Prince Harvey (New York City)

Gamin Kang (New York City)

Anaïs Maviel (New York City)

Samora Pinderhughes (New York City)


Phillip Howze (New York City)

Modesto Flako Jimenez (New York City)

Amoke Kubat (Minnesota)

Ying Liu (New York City)

Ifrah Mansour (Minnesota)

So + Bex: Bex Kwan, So Mak (New York City)

Saymoukda Duangphouxay Vongsay (Minnesota)

Chamindika Wanduragala (Minnesota)

Whitney White (New York City)

Nathan Yungerberg (New York City)


Leslie Barlow (Minnesota)

Joseph Buckley (New York City)

Lizania Cruz (New York City)

Ayana Evans (New York City)

Miatta Kawinzi (New York City)

Catherine Meier (Minnesota)

Joiri Minaya (New York City)

Witt Siasoco (Minnesota)

Delina White (Minnesota)

Rebekah Crisanta de Ybarra (Minnesota)

Awards to Alternates and Finalists

In recognition of COVID, finalists received $5,000 grant awards and alternates received $7,500 grant awards. Finalists in each field include:

DANCE: Hadar Ahuvia, Maria Bauman-Morales*, Alexandra Bodnarchuk, Moriah Evans, Kayla Farrish, Davalois Fearon, Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith, Malcolm Low, Kaleena Miller, Music From The Sole (Leonardo Sandoval, Gregory Richardson)*, Christopher “Unpezverde” Núñez, Valerie Oliveiro*, Same As Sister (S.A.S.) (Briana Brown-Tipley, Hilary Brown-Istrefi)*, Mariana Valencia

LITERATURE: Victoria Blanco*, Archie Bongiovanni, Kim Coleman Foote, Crystal Hana Kim, Aditi Natasha Kini*, Naomi Jackson*, Nicole Shawan Junior, Cathy Linh Che, Camille Rankine, Katie Gee Salisbury*, Nicole Sealey

MEDIA/FILM: Flavio Alves, Iván Cortázar, James Curry, Beatrice Glow, Chris Gude, Darine Hotait, Malik Isasis*, Mafe Izaguirre*, Sadé Clacken Joseph*, Jennifer Kramer*, Michael Premo, Deepak Rauniyar, Maribeth Romslo, Rafael Samanez, Kelly Ashton Todd

MUSIC: Truth Bachman, Yacine Boulares, Stephanie Chou, Shayna Dunkelman, Amanda Ekery*, Liberty Ellman, Ricardo Gallo*, Ritika Ganguly*, Asuka Kakitani*, Jenny Klukken, Cecilia Lopez, Queen Drea (a/k/a Andrea Reynolds), Kavita Shah, Kevin Sun, Anjna Swaminathan, Alicia Waller

THEATER, PERFORMANCE & SPOKEN WORD: Justin Allen, Salty Brine, Shayok Misha Chowdhury*, Kyle Dacuyan, Diane Exavier, Dylan Fresco*, Casey Llewellyn, Kyoung H. Park*, Piehole (Tara Ahmadinejad, Alexandra Panzer, Ben Vigus, Jeffrey Wood), Max Vernon, Kit Yan and Melissa Li*

VISUAL ARTS: Golnar Adili, Onyedika Chuke, Pamela Council*, Moko Fukuyama, Gordon Hall, Tommy Kha, Heather MacKenzie*, Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, Sunita Prasad, TJ Proechel, Kameelah Janan Rasheed*, Rowan Renee, Lindsay Rhyner, Naomi Safran-Hon, Kenneth Tam*, Chris Watts

* indicates recommended Alternates (panels recommended Alternates in the event that anyone recommended as a Fellow not be able to accept the Fellowship)


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The Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship is named for Jerome Hill (1905-72), an Academy Award-winning filmmaker, painter, photographer, composer, and supporter of the arts and artists. Throughout his life, he offered financial assistance to numerous artists and humanists to continue their work and in 1964 created what is today known as the Jerome Foundation.

Today, the Foundation seeks to contribute to a dynamic and evolving culture by supporting the creation, development, and production of new works by early career artists. It focuses resources on grants to early career artists and those nonprofit arts organizations that serve them in the state of Minnesota and in the five boroughs of New York City.

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