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Applications Open
January 2021

Bronx Documentary Center, BDC Films.

Production grants of up to $30,000 to early career film, video and digital production directors from Minnesota or New York City.

Guidelines for the next round of the program will be available in Spring 2021. For reference only, you can download the 2019 guidelines (pdf).

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Missy Whiteman, still from The Coyote Way

Missy Whiteman, The Coyote Way.

Grant Basics

Up to $30,000 may be requested

Matching contributions are not required

Production & Post-Production costs only

Pre-production and post-completion costs (marketing, distribution, etc.) are not covered

This program supports production costs and post-production costs connected to the creation of new narrative, documentary, experimental or animated works in film, video or digital formats. The program does not support pre-production work (e.g., script creation, location scouting, casting, etc.) or marketing, distribution, duplication, and other post-completion costs.

Grants have a maximum value of $30,000 (although applicants may request and panels charged with assessing applications may award lesser amounts) and do not require matching contributions.

Applications are accepted from Minnesota or New York City-based early career film directors who have already completed and released at least two works. Applicants provide:

  • multiple work samples reflecting completed directing work
  • a sample of a work in progress (if relevant)
  • resumes
  • and answers to various narrative questions about the film project

These materials are reviewed by panels of film/video/digital experts, who recommend grantees to the Jerome Board of Directors, which must approve any and all grants made.

Program Schedule

The Jerome Minnesota and New York City Film, Video and Digital Production program accepts applications and makes grants in odd-numbered years. 2019 was the last grant round for this program and the next will be in 2021.

Film directors seeking support in even-numbered years should consult the list of organizations funded by Jerome to support film/media projects and/or apply for the Jerome Hill Artist Fellowships.

Spring 2021

Guidelines for the next round will be posted and applications will open.

Summer 2021

Applications due

Winter 2021–22

Notification of grant status.

Program History


The Foundation makes its first grant to an individual, filmmaker Stan Brakhage, in the form of an annual fellowship, and initiates a long period of support for Anthology Film Archives in New York City.

Photo of Stan Brakhage and film camera.

Stan Brakhage, 1971. Courtesy Anthology Film Archives. Photo by Mike Chikiris.


The Foundation’s support for emerging filmmakers in New York City is structured as an annual program, providing production grant awards to individuals through an open application and independent panel review process.


The Foundation’s support for emerging film and video artists in Minnesota is structured as an annual program, operated by Film in the Cities through 1993, with an open application and independent review process awarding production grants to individuals. Jerome Foundation begins operating the program in 1994.

Still image from Benjamin May, Darkness Shining.

Benjamin May, Darkness Shining.


The Foundation broadens its film and video production grant program to include digital works for virtual environments, open to artists working in the genres of experimental, narrative, documentary, and animation.

Learn About the 2017 MN Grantees

Learn about the 2017 NYC Grantees

(2019 Grantees will be announced in Winter 2019–20)

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