Purpose of

2021 Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship

Fellowship funds are paid directly to artists to support the creation of new work, the expansion of work with organizations, artistic development and professional artistic career development. While Fellows may choose to use funds in any or all of these areas, Fellowship funds may not be used for any other purposes.

Supported Costs

1. Creation and presentation of new work are costs for work(s) to be conceived, created and presented. Supported activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing income during periods of creation (more specific examples are given in discipline-specific guidelines)
  • Equipment and materials necessary for creation of a new work
  • Travel for purposes of artistic research, location and/or venue scouting, etc.
  • Studio rental
  • Space rental for rehearsals, readings, performances, screenings, or exhibitions
  • Rehearsal costs
  • Collaborator expenses
  • Personal expenses incurred in order to focus on new work creation (e.g., childcare)
  • Expansion of casts/collaborators beyond that originally envisioned
  • Additional community meetings for purposes of research and community contact
  • Extended rehearsal or technical rehearsals
  • Addition of panels related to performances, screenings, readings, exhibitions
  • Tours related to release or presentation of new work
  • Critical response and/or written responses contextualizing work
  • Video, photo or audio documentation of new work

2. Artistic development funds are not tied to a specific piece but are designed to support skills development, research and/or investigation into new areas that may or may not ultimately find expression in new work. Supported activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing income during periods of potential artistic investigation not tied yet to a particular piece
  • Costs to work with mentors
  • Study with other artists or instructors to acquire or further refine new artistic skills, excluding study in degree-granting programs
  • Travel to study other artistic traditions and/or experience the work of other artists
  • Transportation, lodging, per diem and/or childcare costs related to any of the above

3. Professional development funds are designed to enable an artist to obtain or refine non-artistic skills that will serve the artist’s long-term career or that expand the artist’s professional networks and opportunities. Supporting activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Attendance at professional conferences—including related transportation, lodging, per diem and/or childcare costs
  • Application and festival entry fees
  • Direct study or consultant fees related to acquiring non-artistic skills (e.g., accounting, marketing, legal consultation, fundraising, etc.)
  • Travel to network with agents, presenters or publishers
  • Website design for promotion

The Foundation will be flexible and expansive in approving costs that can be clearly tied to one of the three primary purposes listed above.

Costs Not Supported

Fellowship funds may not support:

  • Any costs incurred before the grant contract is signed
  • Expenses already supported by other grants or organizations (e.g., a Fellow has been commissioned to create a new work cannot use Fellowship funds to cover the same costs that are being met by that commission)
  • Repayment of student loans or debt reduction
  • Charitable contributions
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Cost not related to the creation of new work and/or artistic and professional development (i.e., a Fellow may not use the funds to purchase or remodel their home).
  • Costs or activities already supporting the artist(s) through other Jerome Foundation-funded grants or programs.