Dustin M. Rosemark
Blue Hands

DUSTIN ROSEMARK, Rochester, received support for Blue Hands, a series of experimental films exploring a new animation process the filmmaker calls the Cyanograph. Blue Hands will consist of six to eight, twenty to thirty second films created to mimic certain films within the Edison Library. Rosemark is immensely interested in the films that make up the Edison Library, a collection of works produced between the 1890s and 1920, which eventually came under the control of the Motion Picture Patents Company, owned by Thomas Alva Edison. The films are among the earliest ever created and are of great importance to the history of cinema. They deal with simple subjects such as Record of a Sneeze (1894), The Kiss (1900), Feeding Seagulls (1900), or Freight Train (1898), and are best described by the term actuality films. Rosemarks films will be similarly minimalist in technique and subject, but will also be very specific, as they will focus exclusively on hands in the act of creation. Rosemarks cyanographic process will also be a feature that distinguishes Blue Hands from the Edison filmsa painstaking and very involved motion picture version of the blue-tinted photographic Cyanotype. The films are intended as a commentary on contemporary film craft and an expression of Rosemarks personal identity as an artist/filmmaker.

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