Harlem Stage at the Gatehouse / Aaron Davis Hall, Inc.

HARLEM STAGE, New York City, received a two-year grant of $50,000 in support of emerging artists commissions within the Fund for New Work. Harlem Stage is a performing arts center that celebrates and perpetuates the unique and diverse artistic legacy of Harlem and the indelible impression it has made on American culture. It provides opportunity, commissioning, and support for artists of color; makes performances easily accessible to all audiences; and introduces children to the rich diversity, excitement, and inspiration of the performing arts. The Fund for New Work addresses Harlem Stages long tradition of supporting the creation, development, and presentation of works by artists of color. It formalizes commissioning and development support for artists at all career levels. Jerome subsidy enables the Fund to provide commissioning and development support to emerging artists, many of whom receive their first commissions through this program.

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