Jerome Foundation's 2023 Minnesota & New York City Film, Video and Digital Production Grant Announced

Nov 20, 2023

At its most recent meeting, the Jerome Foundation Board of Directors authorized 6 grants totaling $139,650 to early career filmmakers in Minnesota and 12 grants totaling $348,000 to early career filmmakers in New York City. These decisions were based on the recommendations of separate Minnesota and New York City grant program review panels.

Of the 219 applications submitted for production grants, 16 grants were awarded to:

Serena Hodges, MN

Naomi Ko, MN

Atlas O Phoenix, MN

Mohammed Sheikh, MN

Anthony Banua-Simon, NYC

Karina Dandashi, NYC

Reid Davenport, NYC

Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma, NYC

Ash Goh, NYC

Caitlyn Greene, NYC

ManSee Kong, NYC

Diego Andres Murillo, NYC

Dominique Nieves, NYC

Noah Schamus & Brit Fryer, NYC

Yuko Torihara, NYC

Alex Bijan Zandi, NYC

Of the nine applications submitted for the artist development program, two grants were awarded to:

Adam Loomis, MN

Yeej Moua, MN

For more information about the filmmakers and their projects, click on the image.

Jerome Foundation centers our grantmaking around intersectional racial equity, committing to eliminating disparities and improving access and outcomes to ensure the long-term viability of artists and culture bearers in Minnesota and New York City, focusing on those whose cultural narratives and practices have been historically and presently are excluded. We request demographic information to help us know whether this program is achieving its objectives. We also share demographic information with other regional and national research efforts around artists and grantmaking.