Remy Weber
Kiss the Past Goodbye

REMY WEBER received a grant for a documentary entitled Kiss the Past Goodbye. In 1972, the radiant, hell-bent photographer and filmmaker Daniel Seymour mysteriously disappeared off the coast of Cartagena, Columbia. Seymour was 27 years old and enjoying youth, a bohemian existence and recent artistic success. He had just beaten his addiction to heroin and stood to inherit as much as $30 million from his mother, Isabella Stewart Peabody Gardner, a member of one of Bostons richest families. Traces of Danny are everywhere. Theres an unprinted picture of him taken by renowned photographer Annie Liebovitz on a contact sheet. Theres Danny rolling sound and shooting up with groupies in Robert Franks black market documentary of the l972 Rolling Stones tour, Cocksucker Blues. Scratch the surface a little further theres Danny in his Bowery loft with Yoko Ono and John Lennon shooting their film The Fly. Theres Dannys name in the credits of Larry Clarks groundbreaking monograph, Tulsa. For a number of years, all roads led to Danny; rock n roll, film and art all intersected at his door. In the quest for clues to Dannys disappearance buried within his mysterious wake, Weber has sought out those closest to him, like Paco Grande and his wife at the time, actress Jessica Lange. The elusive Robert Frank, in addition to other well-known artists like Larry Clark and Danny Lyon, is also interviewed.

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