Michael Richards, Franconia Sculpture Park. Photo by Glenn Gordon.

From 1964 through 2017, the General Program awarded 3,947 grants totaling $88,319,830:

  • $48,850,000 in Minnesota
  • $37,229,997 in New York City
  • $2,239,865 to organizations based in other geographic areas

Grants were made in support of nonprofit arts organizations and fiscal sponsors applying on behalf of artists for the creation, development, and production of new works by emerging artists in New York City and Minnesota as well as support to philanthropic service organizations and regional or national arts organizations for services, convenings and research supporting artists and the arts.

Katie Ka Vang, Final Round. Photo by Rich Ryan.
Katie Ka Vang, Final Round. Photo by Rich Ryan.

The amounts dedicated to each discipline can be seen below. A fuller history of various changes and evolution of the General Program can be found on the History Timeline tab.

Starting in 2018, the General Program was replaced by the Arts Organization Grant Program and the Convening, Research & Membership Grant Program.

General Program Funding by Discipline

Amount Funded

A Bar Chart Showing Amount Funded in Dollars for Each Artistic Field

# of Grants

A Bar Chart Showing the Number of Grants Made in Each Artistic Field


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