2021 Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship

After being awarded the Fellowship, Fellows are required to:

Fellows are required to attend an Orientation in February 2021, where they will have the chance to meet one another and learn more about how to create and submit an initial plan and budget for the use of the first year of funds. No Fellow will receive any funds until such documents have been submitted and approved by Jerome staff.

Orientations are scheduled for:

  • Monday, February 15, 2021  /  10 am–6 pm (NYC Fellows)
  • Monday, February 22, 2021  /  9 am–5 pm (MN Fellows)

While online sessions can be arranged for grantees whose professional commitments preclude them from attending the live orientation sessions, past Fellows have noted the value of the live convening, not only for establishing networks with one another but for learning from one another’s questions and insights. Applicants are strongly encouraged to save these dates in hopes of being selected for a grant.

The Foundation does not require a Fellowship plan or budget as part of the application. However, a plan and budget must be submitted and approved by Jerome staff before Fellowship funds can be issued. Members of ensembles/collectives/collaboratives will submit one joint plan and budget.

Applicants are urged to think about general priorities and activities in advance of the announcement so that plans and budgets may be more quickly created after notification.

The grant agreement is provided upon the review and approval of the Fellowship plan and budget.

Fellows must file a progress report before the second year of funding is released, accounting for the use of funds during the first year, and either providing, amending or reaffirming the budget and plan for the second year. A final report will also be required at the end of the Fellowship period.

Fellows who are delinquent in their reporting requirements for any Jerome-supported program or grant will not be allowed to receive additional support from any Jerome program until those requirements have been met.

Fellowships are for a consecutive two-year period. Before the second year of funding is released, Fellows will be required to affirm that they are still residents of Minnesota or one of the five boroughs of New York City, that they are still practicing artists, and that they have not or do not plan to enter a degree-granting program during their grant period.

Fellows whose residence has changed and is now outside of New York City or Minnesota, who are no longer are practicing artists, and/or who are or will be students in degree-granting programs during the grant period will not receive the second year of funding.

Fellowships may not be reallocated to other parties, nor will they be deemed part of an artist’s estate or property in the event of death or incapacitation.