for the Arts Organization Grant Program and Convenings, Research & Memberships grants

Angie Pittman, Movement Research. Photo by Ian Douglas.

Reports are connected to your original application, which you can access by logging into Submittable and finding your original application here:

You'll see a series of tabs. Reports will be in the FORMS tab.

View of the application in Submittable, showing the tabs. On the far right is the FORMS tab which includes reports.

How do I know when my report is due?

Any report due dates are specified in your grant agreement letter.

Additionally, the due date was noted in the email notification you received when the report was assigned in Submittable. This is also available in the MESSAGES tab.

What if our contact/contact information has changed?

Submittable has a great help page to walk you through changing your profile information.

You can even change the contact name and email associated with your account, which is helpful if you are an organization whose staff has changed. You will want to make sure you do so before you lose access to that staff person's email, as you will need to login to Submittable to be able to make the change. If you do not have access to the email account, contact Andrea.