2025 Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship Application Now Open

Jan 15, 2024

Jerome Hill Artist Fellowships support early career Minnesota- and New York City-based generative artists who take creative risks in exploring, expanding, imagining, or re-imagining creative practices and experiences; reclaiming or reviving traditional forms in original ways; and/or questioning, challenging, or disrupting cultural norms.

This Fellowship supports artists working in Dance; Film, Video and Digital Production; Literature; Music; Technology Centered Arts; Theater/Performance/Spoken Word; and Visual Arts, who embrace their roles as part of a larger community of artists and citizens, and consciously work with a sense of service and responsibility. The Foundation embraces and applauds interdisciplinarity and experimentation and supports a wide range of aesthetics, forms, creative practices, artistic lineages, and points of view.

Support is directed to early career artists, which Jerome Foundation defines as within the 2nd–10th year as a generative artist.

Fellows receive $60,000 over three consecutive years ($20,000 each year) to support time and expenses for the creation of new work, artistic development, and/or professional artistic career development.

The Foundation expects to award a total of 45 fellowships across 7 artistic fields.

The application is now open. The deadline is Monday, April 15 by 4 pm Central time/5 pm Eastern time.

We invite you to read the 2025 Fellowship guide to learn more about the program, eligibility factors, the application and review process, and resources to support the application process, such as info sessions and appointments with Jerome staff.