Stefani Saintonge
Babay, Papa Rose!

STEFANI SAINTONGE received support for Babay, Papa Rose!, a 15-minute narrative short that will be shot on-location in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The film focuses on Tina, 45, who has not seen her father for over 30 years. With her teenage twins in tow, she returns to her birthplace—Haiti—for his funeral. While there, she confronts his “legitimate” children whose fond memories of him are an affront to her abandonment. The film is a piece of a common story in Haiti, where the definition of family is constantly redefined, competing with the western ideal of a nuclear unit and the African tradition of the extended village. Tina has been left out of the village, but she’s not the only one (as the story unveils). The film examines hierarchy in a Haitian family and also explores Haiti’s class-based society.

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