Carlye Rubin and Katie Green
No Place For Children (working title)

CARLYE RUBIN and KATIE GREEN received support for the 75-minute documentary No Place For Children (working title). With America incarcerating more of its youth than any other country in the world, No Place For Children explores the complicated juvenile justice system through the personal stories of those entwined within it by following two families 1300 miles apart, with little in common except one thing: both have sons in prison, serving sentences longer than they’ve been alive. This film goes beyond a polemic of the juvenile justice system, documenting the multi-dimensional aspects of these stories and the daily struggles of those they have left behind in the free world, posing questions about ethical dilemmas and accountability when sentencing youth. While the juxtaposition of two different cases poses many interesting questions, ultimately both raise the same fundamental issue: where is our moral compass when we take a child, who has done wrong, from all that he has ever known, to spend his most impressionable years in prison? Children make mistakes, some make bad ones, and while a few could be dangerous, society needs a place to send them, but is that place prison?

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