Savage Aural Hotbed

The SOUTHERN THEATER, Minneapolis, Minnesota, as fiscal agent for SAVAGE AURAL HOTBED, received $8,000 in support of the creation and production of the new work The Rate of Mass Displacement is Momentum at the Southern Theater. The Southern presents alternative performances by artists responding to contemporary issues and life situations from the perspectives of the varied cultural communities in the Twin Cities. Savage Aural Hotbed is an ensemble of four composer-musicians who create highly percussive music and sound experiences using found objects, industrial machines, and musical instruments. The composer-performers are Mark Black, William Melton, Stuart DeVaan and Dean Hawthorne. The changing urban landscape, which includes building and destruction, is the basis for this new work. Savage Aural Hotbed envisions a symphony of steel, the rhythmic cadence of pile drivers accompanied by pulsing, droning engines and whining motors, with beeping back-up signals providing counterpoint.

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