Angela Beallor

BEALLOR, ANGELA, Brooklyn, New York, will travel to various locations in Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia guided by a search for (and the story behind) hot pink Vladimir Ilyich Lenin lapel pins in the countries of her ancestors.  Beallor will visit monuments and museums while interviewing current residents of USSR states about their history, present, and future (culturally, politically, and personally).  The core purpose is to study and explore through conversations and interviews the present tense relationship to the not-so-distant past of the former Soviet Union.  Traveling throughout these areas will be organized around a search for pink Lenin lapel pins.  She’ll spend her time in street markets, flea markets, and bazaars, searching for the pins, using the search as an entry point for talking with people, and conducting interviews.  She’ll also visit monuments, Communist-era architecture, museums, and photo/film archives. This will inform a current project on which she’s working, which centers on audio interviews of her father about politics, his political radicalization, her Socialist grandparents, and their family life. 

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