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VOICE & VISION, New York City, received $8,000 in support of the 2009-10 ENVISION Retreat. Voice & Vision develops and produces vibrant theater works with women artists at the core. It has a multi-faceted program that supports the creation and development of new works by emerging playwrights. The ENVISION Retreat is a two-week summer residency in which six to eight projects involving core artists with a variety of backgrounds, artistic disciplines and methods are developed according to their individual goals. A majority of the artists participating are emerging and based in New York City and/or Minnesota. The artists are encouraged to share their work through an open rehearsal process. Select projects from the Retreat are further developed through the ENVISION Lab, which takes place over the course of the following year.

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The Travel and Study Grant Program application is now open with a deadline of December 8, 2016. The Jerome Emerging Composer / Sound Artist Fellowship Program is open with a deadline of January 26, 2017.

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