Elaine Gan

Artist ELAINE GAN, Brooklyn, New York, will travel to Manila, Philippines, to research, locate and document various spatial forms, urban zones and gated communities that reflect uneven geographical development and growing disparities in distributions of capital/commonwealth. Gan is an artist working in the public domain to reconfigure urban spaces, social roles and popular images. Her research will focus on spatial forms, urbanization processes and human migrations/displacements that have shifted or developed as a result of specific sociopolitical events beginning with the 1986 People Power Revolution. She seeks to construct a visual constellation of built environments as spatial products linked to contemporary neoliberal and postcolonial occupations.

About this grant

Visual Arts
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New York City


Guidelines and more information about the new Artist Fellowship program are now available. The application deadline is Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 4 pm Central / 5 pm Eastern Time.

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