Frequently Asked Questions: Travel and Study Grant Program

May I apply to this program to tour/perform/teach/exhibit my work?

No.  This is NOT a production grant program, nor a program that supports teaching, touring or performing. This is a grant program that emphasizes individual exploration, study, and growth. In describing the purpose of your proposed trip, use a strong, personal voice that underscores your commitment to this venture. Proposals to attend a performance, concert, or exhibition of your work are not competitive if that is the only purpose for the trip. If this purpose is one small part of a larger trip focused on study/experiential education/research, it stands a better chance of being seriously considered.

Do I have to have detailed information about my trip?

Yes.  Specific information is important, including exactly where you will travel and with whom you will meet or study. Confirmation and/or acceptance letters from people and organizations you intend to visit are very helpful to your request; however, they are not required. Detailed budget information is also important. Don’t guestimate!

Is there a format that is preferred for the requested resume?

No.  While there is not a required format, there is required information. Resumes should include complete information on arts training (if relevant) and experience with dates and locations for listed experiences. For each project, it is important to identify exactly what your role has been on the project.  It is important to list work you have generated separate from work in which you participated but were not the leading, generative artist. For example, list works you have composed or written and directed, and separate them from works for which you have been a musician or performer. 

How critical is the work sample?

Work samples are a critical part of the application. Submit your best work, as selection is based on quality of work, eligibility, and the strength of the travel proposal. Requirements for formatting are strictly applied. Not following them will make your application ineligible. If you are applying for a learning experience not directly connected to your work samples, it is important that you make a connection between the sample and your project for the panel through a written statement. Submitting professional as opposed to student work samples is strongly recommended.

How detailed does the budget need to be?
Be as specific as possible about expenses. If necessary, attach a separate explanation sheet and summarize on the cover sheet. If awarded a grant, you will not be allowed to reduce the duration of your trip or to change the amounts and types of expense allocations.

How competitive is this grant?

Very.  The disciplines of visual arts and literature are, by far, the most competitive because they draw the largest numbers of applicants. The competitive level of other disciplines will be contingent on the number of applications received. In 2016, 193 applications were received and only 28 grants awarded. 

How important is the artist statement?

Very. Providing an artist statement is critical to the panel in understanding your work and your goals, which are part of the review criteria.

Are others allowed to accompany me on a Travel Study trip?
Yes.  Resumes and work samples must be provided for all applicants. Each person applying for this grant (including collaborators) must meet all eligibility requirements. If the cost of the trip exceeds funds provided through the Travel and Study Grant Program, collaborators must prove that they have sufficient funds to take the trip. Family members cannot be included in the budget unless you are applying with them as a collaborator. 

What kind of information do I need to provide for travel involving a seminar, workshop, or conference?

You should attach a pdf or copy of the conference or workshop brochure and schedule as part of your application.

May I request feedback on my application?

If your application is declined, you may request information on why your request was denied funding by contacting Jerome Foundation staff. However, given the large number of applicants to this program, feedback may be limited.

New Grant Programs: The Foundation will announce its new grant programs in late-May 2017.

The application for the New York City and Minnesota Film,Video, and Digital Production Grant Program is now open. The deadline is August 24, 2017.

The Travel and Study Grant Program application will open September 1, 2017. The deadline is December 7, 2017.


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