Eligibility and Requirements: Travel and Study Grant Program


The 2017 Travel and Study Grant Program will support emerging artists who create new work in music, theater, and visual arts.  The program is open to “generative" artists (e.g. composers or sound artists in music; playwrights, performance artists and directors of ensemble based theatre companies; and visual artists of all genres) who have a record of creating original work.  

Additionally, with thanks to the HRK Foundation for its generous support, the program is also open to arts administrators in Minnesota who work at organizations who support such artists. New York City-based executives and program administrators are not eligible to apply.

Travel and Study grants support periods of domestic and/or international travel for study, exploration and growth.  Eligible activities include (but are not limited) to research informing or leading to the creation of new work, the development of collaborations (whether artistic or organizational), participation in specific non-academic training programs, time for reflection and individualized study, field investigation of work outside of the applicant’s home state, and opportunities to engage in dialogue on aesthetic or organizational issues. This program will not support rehearsals, performances, exhibitions, touring, or teaching opportunities by grantees, pursuit of academic degrees, the production of new work, or the acquisition of teaching credentials. Students enrolled in academic degree programs at any level are not eligible to apply. 

Only online applications submitted through the Foundation’s website will be accepted. 

Paper submissions, email, and faxed applications are NOT accepted. 

The deadline for the next round will be Thursday, December 8, 2016, at 4:30 p.m. CST / 5:30 p.m. EST, with grants announced in March 2017. Travel for the 2017 program must occur between May 1, 2017 and December 31, 2018. 

Because of the limited funds available, this program supports disciplines in alternating years: dance, film/video/digital production and literature projects will be eligible in 2018.  


Grants of up to $1,500 will be awarded for short-term travel of three to six days. Grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded for trips of one week or longer. Eligible applicants working collaboratively may apply on one application form if the monies requested do not exceed $5,000. Applicants may use grants for extended travel and study if additional sources of income are available or committed. 

Purchase of equipment costing more than $100 is not an eligible expense, unless the item is necessary for the trip. Salary replacement and honoraria for the applicant are not eligible expense. Eligible expenses may include such items as language classes, and pro-rated housing costs and utilities. 

Travel and Study grants support travel of significant distance, requiring housing and logistic support for the grantee. Local, in-state travel, “run-outs”, and extended commutes are not supported. 

Travel may be national or international. The program does not prioritize one over the other.

This grant may not be used to tour, perform, give concerts, mount exhibitions, produce new work, or teach. 

Before receiving payments, a recipient is required to submit an itinerary for the travel and study period, with confirmed schedules and proof of travel, at least two weeks prior to departure.


Individuals apply directly for support. Applications are not accepted from organizations or fiscal sponsors. Individuals may apply to only one discipline in a given year and may not submit more than one proposal. 

Eligible applicants working collaboratively may apply on one application form if the monies requested do not exceed $5,000.  All co-applicants must meet all eligibility criteria.

The Foundation welcomes the opportunity to support artistic works that embody diverse cultural perspectives. 

All applicants must: 

  • live in Minnesota or the five boroughs of New York City at the time of application and have lived in that location at least one year prior to the application deadline
  • be an individual emerging creative artist or a Minnesota-based executive or program administrator working for a nonprofit arts organization producing work in the relevant discipline
  • have completed and filed a final report on their trip if he/she is a previous grant recipient.

Once an independent emerging artist funded through the Foundation’s General Program has completed his/her three to six-year grant sequence of support and is no longer eligible to apply directly to the Foundation, that artist is also no longer eligible to apply to the Travel and Study Grant Program. 

Artists supported by Jerome@Camargo Grants for residencies in Cassis, France or the Composer / Sound Artist Fellowship at the time of the application are also not eligible to apply. 

Students in K-12 educational programs or enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs at the time of application are not eligible to apply. 

Artists/Administrators provided with support through this program have until December 31, 2018 take their travel and study trip. Foundation staff must approve exceptions to this policy, such as personal emergencies, in advance.

Additional Program Requirements

  • Grants are considered taxable income, and grantees will receive 1099 forms in any year(s) in which grant funds are received. In addition, grantee names and addresses are listed in the Jerome Foundation’s annual tax return, which is a public document and is posted on the Foundation’s website. 
  • Travel and Study Grant Program grantees request funds by submitting proof of transportation arrangements and an itinerary for the travel and study period, including a detailed schedule. The Jerome Foundation will issue payment prior to departure as long as this information is received with at least two weeks advance notice. 
  • Grant recipients are required to provide a final narrative report, within one month of the completion of the travel and study period, describing the experience, what was learned, and the impact this opportunity had on artistic development. Recipients who do not submit final reports are ineligible for future funding. 

The Foundation currently is not accepting new applications for the General Program. Unless you are a current grantee requesting continued support for a program or project, please do not start an application. Contact The Foundation with questions.

The Travel and Study Grant Program application is now open with a deadline of December 8, 2016. The Jerome Emerging Composer / Sound Artist Fellowship Program is open with a deadline of January 26, 2017.

The Foundation will open the application for the New York City and Minnesota Film,Video, and Digital Production Grant Program grant on May 1, 2017.

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