Process and Review Criteria: MN/NYC Film, Video, and Digital Production Grant Programs

Process and Review Criteria

All applications are reviewed by a panel of experts working in the field(s) of film, video and/or digital production. Panels are charged with recommending a roster of grantees and up to four alternates, in the event that a recommended grantee has abandoned, delayed beyond the allowable grant period, or completed her/his proposed project, or that the Board determines subsequent to the panel that an applicant is ineligible. 

As a first step in the process, Jerome Foundation staff pre-screen applications to verify eligibility along residency and discipline lines.  In this process, staff rely on the resume, the artist statement, and specific information supplied on the application form. Resumes must include dates and clear indications of what the applicant’s role is on each specific film, video or digital project. Any applicant who cannot clearly meet residency eligibility requirements, who is enrolled in an education program at any level at the time of application and/or who is not clearly an emerging film/video/digital production artist will be eliminated at this stage. Any applicant or grantee who falsifies application information will be eliminated from consideration and will (depending on when this becomes apparent) have her/his grant revoked and be ineligible to apply to any Jerome program in the future. 

The panel considers all applicants who meet the eligibility criteria. Every panelist is required to review all work samples and all materials required in the application in advance of the full panel meeting.  Panelists use work samples in particular as indicators of the quality of work and the mastery of a specific genre; filmmakers whose project represents an attempt to move into a new form should explain their reasons for wanting to make this move and include an explanation of how the work sample can be used as an indicator of ability in the proposed new form.  Panelists do not visit websites, view additional materials, or consider samples that exceed limits of time and/or do not meet format requirement.

In their consideration, panelists consider three and only three criteria:

  • The artistic merit of the applicant, as indicated by the work sample, resume and artist statement
  • The feasibility of the film project, as indicated by the film budget, specific details around logistics (including but not limited to anticipated shooting schedule, identification of collaborators, and viability of location(s)), and sources of additional potential and/or secured funding
  • The potential impact of the film in contributing to artistic development and career of the artist

In reaching the final roster of grantees and alternates, panels are encouraged to think, not only of the ability of every grantee to meet each criterion strongly, but of recommending a cohort of grantees that collectively capture the diversity (including aesthetic, cultural, geographic, relative scale and genre) of the larger field of film, video and digital work.

Panel recommendations are reviewed by the Jerome Foundation Board of Directors, who have the sole authority to approve the panel recommendations and award grants. 

Letters to all applicants are sent within two weeks of the Board meeting.  Please do not contact the Foundation to inquire about the status of an application unless you have not heard by the published notification deadline, as indicated in the Deadlines and Notifications section below.

The Foundation currently is not accepting new applications for the General Program. Unless you are a current grantee requesting continued support for a program or project, please do not start an application. Contact The Foundation with questions.

The Foundation will open the application for the New York City and Minnesota Film,Video, and Digital Production Grant Program grant on June 2, 2016. 

The Travel and Study Grant Program application will open in October 2016. 

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